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About Monogagga & FMCC

In October 2007, the music/artist platform MONOGAGGA was founded in Munich by a loose union of music-oriented young people. The basic idea was quite simple, make music together. Through music, the three of them quickly discovered other interesting possibilities. Already back then the group managed to get together different artists, organized features and discovered their very own distinguished (life) style, that they today still strongly try to bring across to the outside world. 2007 a new member joins the group and enlarges the base for MONOGAGGA. At the beginning of 2010 a 4th permanent member completes the heart of MONOGAGGA, consisting of: NUBE, GRIDDA, ROAN AMEEN & MO-CAT. Over the years the “Monogagga-Family” has, and still is growing at a steady rate involving many other members who support and communicate the primary philosophy.

Today, in 2012 the basic idea of MONOGAGGA has evolved and has become a communication platform. It enables instant exchange and contact between members whenever music and likewise by-products are concerned, accelerating cooperation. In practice this means that each member contributes to MONOGAGGA what he masters best all the while supporting and inspiring in this manner the other members. The challenge of the individual artist is always the priority. Right now MONOGAGGA includes audio and film productions, graphic design, publications as well as a fashion collection. In the long run the goal is to create a own record label (including virtual and physical diffusion).

A further goal of MONOGAGGA is to create ″communication platforms″ for exceptional, eccentric and future orientated artists of all types. The intention is to use a more provocative and socially innovative way of creative education which should manifest itself through a modern and unbound form of communication. One of these platforms is the FMCC (Free-Minded Communication Community). It officiates as the origin of this movement and is also carried by MONOGAGGA.


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Monogagga aims to establish communication platforms for remarkable, eccentric and future-oriented artists/musicians of all genres. On Monogaggas platforms, Education is understood as a more unconventional, creative and independent form of communication. This more modern and provocative form of education is desired and should be manifested intentionally. FMCC (Free-Minded-Communication-Community) is the first online platform of the kind carrying this intention and serves as a starting point. We (Monogagga) see this platform as a free platform, meaning, every artist can express himself unbound, no matter in which form. Further it functions as an artist pool; the bigger it gets the more effective the communication between the artists on the platform turns out to be, naturally never forgetting and always preserving the personal focus and individuality of each member.

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About P.A. Studio (Progressive-Acoustics)

The P.A. studio (Progressive Acoustics) in Munich is the head office of MONOGAGGA and serves as the facility for music production, where all sound-technical relevant measures like producing, recording and mixing take place. The studio also serves as a meeting point for people interested in the project and clients of all sorts, including respectively, all members of the community.

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